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140cm (4.59ft) European Beauty Big Boobs Petite Love Doll Helena

If you like your girls petite with an athletic figure, then this is the one for you. Her body is amazing – surprisingly better than the studio and factory photos. Her skin tone is a very sexy shade of sun-kissed.

140cm (4.59ft) Petite Girl Small Breasts TPE Love Doll Beatrice

i bought this cute lovely doll lady for my mother’s 56th birthday, her and my father recently divorced so i thought it’d be a good “try something new” gift. anyways, she loved it!! i walked in on her the other day just admiring its beauty. they’re actually thinking about getting engaged! so excited for the wedding! totally recommend this doll.

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160cm (5.25ft) Small Bust Slender Girl Sex Doll Yoko

Now that’s a premium wife! All the ass a weeb vigin like me could ask for, seeing as i can’t get a real girl she’s all ill ever need plus she doesn’t talk back or protest, even when i want head while watching r:e zero or kikis delivery service!

158cm (5.18ft) Small Boobs Lifelike Premium Sex Doll Jennifer

Truly amazing. Everything packaged nicely and no problems. She looks incredible and she feels unbelievable. Yeah… I mean “feels” exactly how you think I mean it πŸ˜€

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165cm (5.41ft) Medium Tits Real Sexy Lady Doll for Men Aya

Not my first but defiantly the best doll ever. I look at Her and marvel at just how incredibly beautiful She is. Everyone has their own taste but in my opinion she has the most beautiful face out there.

160cm (5.25ft) Big Chest Life Size Sex Doll Lilith

Pictures don’t do her justice, the artistry and craftsmanship are amazing. In my opinion the body is the most realistic and attractive body compared to all others. Glad I went with her, feels like she will be easy to maintain. Great value for the price especially during promotions.

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162cm (5.31ft) Big Chest Blonde Love Doll RE21061722 Yetta

This is a beautiful n marvelous doll. She has the whole package- HUGE breasts and a Gorgeous round smackable butt. I highly recommend this doll or any other doll that this site sells. U won’t be disappointed at all.

162cm (5.31ft) Big Bust Real Sex Doll RE21061721 Zona

This product is amazing, better than the pictures. So large with a great big butt. Put some lululemon yoga pants on her and wow. Thanks for the free gifts. I appreciate them.

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165cm ( 5.41ft ) Medium Breast Sex Doll E19081210 Yoshiko

Love at first sight! Hopefully I made her first time a truly wonderful experience. It was pure pleasure popping her into womanhood, and our experiences together have grown more intense every time.

165cm ( 5.41ft ) Medium Breast Aristocrat Girl Sex Doll E19081212 Beryl

We have tried every position imaginable and each time is incredible. Her tight pussy just pulls that cum right out of you. I may not be able to put a baby in her, but sure am enjoying the effort!